URBAN BEAUTY is a lifetime street photography project I embraced in 2008.

It is a constantly evolving portfolio of images taken around the world and focused on human nature. With this portfolio I aim at creating a global project to look at in 30 years old for an artistic view of the evolution of the world during my life and XXI century.

In my view, street photography is the random meeting of form and content, caught by the photographer in a way that tells a compelling story in a compelling way. In this sense, URBAN BEAUTY is an inspiring journey through human nature and a way to find beauty and art in our daily life.

The first stage of URBAN BEAUTY (2008-2014) has been exhibited in Milan in December 2014 and January 2015 at the Brian & Barry Building in San Babila, a prestigious location in the heart of Milan.

Urban Beauty:








BRIAN & BARRY BUILDING MILANO [12/12/14 - 25/01/15]