I am a photographer of people.

My photographic journey started in 2004 and since than I mainly shoot to satisfy my eyes' thirst for art, beauty and everything that is out of ordinary. 

My work is characterised by lifetime projects – two evolving portfolios of images with a common theme – projects on specific subjects and stand-alone images that tell a short story on their own, mostly characterised by humor.

In 2012 I classified 38th at the 24x36 Leica contest out of more than 5.000 participants and my portfolio Tokyo24x24 made it to the permanent winners gallery at the Urban DotArt 2015 contest.

To me, street photography is a very simple concept. It is the random meeting of form and content, caught by the photographer in a way that tells a compelling story in a compelling way.

It is a way to express my artistic view of ordinary scenes and the everyday life. And in this sense, art and beauty are everywhere, it is just about how we look at things and people. Street photography is about me capturing the moments that drew my attention and making them last forever on a print. And this often relates to human nature.


Sometimes I evaluate assignments on specific issues / subjects. For enquires, please contact me here.


I am available for individual photography workshops, tailored on the student needs and interests.  If you want to discover more, please drop a line here.


A selection of my photographs is available as collectors' prints, numbered and signed on verso. All my photographs are professionally and manually printed with archival quality. They are printed on Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper 250 gsm for color photographs and Hahnemuhle FineArt Photo Rag Baryta 315 gsm for black & white photographs.