I am a photographer of people and the ordinary life. What really gives me pure satisfaction is to frame in my photographs different people, objects and color in order to immortalise beauty where beauty often does not belong. That face coming out of the shadows, the matching color of a car and a woman’s coat, multiple layers and subjects caught in that exact moment that create a harmonic composition that somehow is pleasant for the eye.

I started shooting in black and white but a few years ago, I realised that I do love color, and I do think in color when I am out there with my camera. I enjoy devouring photographic books and the most inspiring masters for me are Harry Gruyaert, Alex Webb and David Alan Harvey.

In 2012 I classified 38th at the 24x36 Leica contest out of more than 5.000 participants and my portfolio Tokyo24x24 made it to the permanent winners gallery at the Urban DotArt 2015 contest. Here you can read an interview (Italian only) for I-D Vice on my work on Tokyo.

Should you have any question about my work or simply want to know more about the stories behind the photographs, drop me a line here.